Watching History

There isn’t much to add about what we all saw in the stadium in Denver last night. But I would be remiss if I did not go on record as saying what an absolutely inspiring scene that was. Like so many others have said, I never thought I would see such a sight in my lifetime, a Mixed Black person standing before a crowd, a stadium no less, of people, black, white, brown, Asian and otherwise, accepting the nomination of a party to be President of the United States. There is indeed hope that one day we will get beyond all this “racial” silliness.

Coincidentally, I have been reading a book right now about one of my heroes, Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in baseball in 1947-1948. And it is interesting and a truly positive reality that in “just” 60 years or so, we have come from Jackie having to put up with the BS he had to just to prove he could compete with whites, to a man named Barack Obama standing in a sports stadium thisclose to being President. It certainly puts all this in perspective. Jackie Robinson, and so many others, opened the doors that have allowed Obama to walk through. I have no doubt, Obama will continue the tradition for others.


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