The Tragic Psychology of Mixed People

We cannot underestimate the importance of understanding the social, psychological and experiential differences that may increase the likelihood of psychological disorders among this (biracial Americans) fast-growing segment of the population.

This is from a study conducted by The University of California – Davis. The article can be found here.

The study was primarily focused on “bi-racial” Asian-Americans apparently, but it seems to delve into an issue that some believe is true for all Mixed people, that they are psychologically damaged. It is not the first study to say that Mixed people, of all kinds, have more issues as teenagers and are more likely to get into trouble, be depressed, etc.

Frankly I think this whole phenomena is overstated, but it is worth noting and paying attention to.


One thought on “The Tragic Psychology of Mixed People

  1. Tammy M says:

    WOW!!! Well, I am a mixed Asian, Korean and Puerto Rican adopted by white parents and married to a bi-racial husband (black and white) so I guess that means that I am automatically mental!Unbelievable!

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