“Racial’ Superiority In Sports

Here is another reminder of how much work is still to be done. This one from the Olympics (I told you I’m an Olympics nut)

I came across a news piece this weekend on Michael Phelps, the swimmer, on his historic feat of winning 8 gold medals (don’t remember where, I think it was a Yahoo news story). There were hundreds of comments posted on the piece, many simply applauding his effort and accomplishment. But there were a large number of posts that got into a back and forth on racial superiority in sports. How sad. There are people out there who just cannot resist digging up racial issues whenever and wherever they can. I mean this isn’t Hitler’s games when the veracity of his Aryan superiority theory was put to the test. And yet many years later, people still look at these things to prove whether one group is biologically better than another. Sad. But a reminder we still have work to do.


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