“Race” Is Ego At Work

This post takes the discussion to a different level than usual, but I was just reading a book on Buddhism and the concept of the ego and it occurred to me that there is a relationship to our “racial” problems.

The concept in Buddhism of the ego is that it is this seemingly real construct that gets in the way of seeing things for what they truly are, and it is this construct that causes us to suffer as we try to live according to what we believe our identity to be.

The concept of race is just like that. So much of how people interact seems to be based on ideas about who we are and who we are supposed to be based on what we look like on the outside. All too often we then make ourselves live according to expectations and fitting in, more than we live according to simply being and what is “on the inside.”

An interesting insight into our issue from the world of Buddhism.


One thought on ““Race” Is Ego At Work

  1. Zen says:

    Well said, an interesting post.

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