The Funny Side of “No More Race”

My wife, who is a proud Mexican-American woman, is living proof though of what life might be like for those who fall into an unidentifiable ethnic look. I, and most people, have no problem identifying her as Hispanic, but we are surprised at how often she gets mistaken for some other ethnic group.

I kid you not, people have labeled her Mixed (Black and White), Persian, Jewish, Armenian, White, Thai, Spanish, Mexican, and who knows what else. That’s what people have expressed at different times so who knows what people thought who didn’t say anything.

Dianna gets a kick out of it. Hey, it allows her to blend when she feels the need I guess, so she can use it to her advantage. Though, generally she is quick to point out her Mexican roots. Makes me think how interesting that will be for people when the day comes when mixing creates such interesting blends that it will indeed be hard many times to identify what a person is.

Don’t get me wrong, there is beauty in the uniqueness that different cultures offer in terms of skin tone and features. And I would never want to see that go away completely. But imagine the bigot who can’t decide whether to discriminate because he or she just can’t decide what you are.



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