Can We Talk Our Way Out Of Bigotry?

I was thinking the other day about the focus of this blog (well I guess I think about it everyday to be honest), and an interesting thought hit me.

Is it possible to get beyond a “race” focus by focusing so much attention on it? Is it at all possible, like some argue, that by thinking about race or racism all the time, we risk making it more of a big deal than it is? To see it where it is not?

My blog is titled “No More Race” because I would like to see our society and world get to the point some day, even if it is long, long time from now, where we no longer define each other and our relationships by what color our skin is or what ethnic group we belong to. And yet I write about race almost every day.

Obviously I know the base belief that the only way to rid ourselves of the racism disease is to point out its usage and its effect on our society. And that is ultimately the reason I do believe it is important for those of us who write on his subject, or are activists on this subject, to speak out whenever we can. As in medicine, you have to target the problem to get rid of the problem.

But I do believe I and others have to be careful to not see a problem where there is none. And to also draw attention as much to positives in this area as to negatives. Which is why in this blog I try to focus more on examples showing where Mixed relationships and people are moving forward and making a difference than I do on examples of ugly discrimination against them. I do believe that more can be done to move us forward by focusing on positives than negatives.

But it is an interesting irony is it not, that the goal is to focus on racism to get rid of racism. Maybe it is better to look at it as shining a light since we all know that people tend to behave more as they should when their is light on them than otherwise.


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