Which Group Is More Accepting of Mixed Relationships?

My wife posed an interesting question yesterday? We were talking about yesterday’s blog about the Indian father having his black daughter-in-law killed since he couldn’t accept her into the family while the woman’s family had no problem accepting her Indian husband. We tied that to the situation in our family where my family has no issues with my wife being a different ethnicity from me, yet her Mexican Mom and has made it clear she does have issues with Blacks. This made my wife wonder why is that Blacks seem more accepting of interracial relationships and children than do whites and others? Or, she wondered, was that an accurate assessment.

My answer to her, though I couldn’t say I had any empirical evidence to support my opinion, only anecdotal, was that while she and we shouldn’t be fooled, there were plenty of blacks who had very harsh opinions about mixed ethnicity couplings, it was indeed my experience that Blacks were more likely to accept these relationships over all. At least in my experience.

I think this is true because Blacks have long accepted the notion that to be Black means so many things. We come in so many shades and hues, hair textures, body types, you name it. And we also have long known that our ancestry in America was mixed with the blood of Native Americans, Whites, Hispanics, you name it. It is not uncommon at all for Black families to have at least one Mixed relationship in their extended family.

Now increasingly this is also true of all groups, thankfully. But I think it is just something Blacks have had to accept much sooner in our history. The idea of “racial” or ethnic purity is just not as important in our culture. At least to most. So here’s to hoping on this, other groups catch up to Blacks on this one.


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