What Will The Future Hold?

I was just thinking about the premise of this blog – no more race – which refers to the future as brought about by all these multi-ethnic people that are becoming more and more the norm. I would hope that their proliferation will mean that racism and the focus on race and skin color will go away at some point when their numbers become the majority, which I do believe will happen some day.

But the thought I was having was wouldn’t it be a shame if all that happened after all this is that a new form of discrimination were to occur, one based not on which purity you were, but rather on which ethnicities you were. Something like those mixed with European ancestry and something else, discriminated against those mixed with Asian and something else. Or people thinking they are better because they are Mixed. Or those that will measure how many groups they can lay claim to versus anothe Mixed person. How awful. And I hope this is a nightmare that does not become reality. We all should be diligent to make sure that it doesn’t. I don’t really believe this will happen though as what I get from most of the multi-ethnic people I know is that they approach the world and people with a much greater sense of acceptance than most others do .So I don’t see why this would change.

But strange things do occur. So it is not altogether out of the realm of possibilities that a new form of bigotry could arise. Like the great Star Trek episode where there was a planet of people who were black on one side and white on the other, right down the middle of their bodies. The planet was split into an ugly battle because some had the black on the left side and some had the black on the right side.

Substituting one discrimination for another is not the future I am hoping for.


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