Racism’s Roots

I saw a really interesting video on YouTube the other day. It was a young girl singing the dictionary. That’s right. She was going through the dictionary, word by word (not the whole thing of course) and singing it. It was absolutely amazing to tell you the truth. It shows how incredibly talented she is that it is was absolutely entertaining and well sung. Imagine what she could do with a song with actual lyrics. The video is apparently one of the most viewed right now and is getting a lot of play. Hopefully it leads to something for her.

But wouldn’t you know it, stupidity and racism had to rear its ugly head. I was reading some of the many comments from viewers, most of them amazed and praising her, but a few idiots found their way in. Some pretty awful racist stuff was said about the young lady and African-Amercans for absolutely no other reason than the fact that some people couldn’t deal with the young woman’s talent and they saw an opportunity to be ugly.

This shows me again that most of the time people say or do things like these people did, it is because deep down they are afraid and intimidated. Had the young lady been doing something that did not require talent, odds are they would not have made any comments. But it was because she is so talented, they clearly felt less than and felt the need to try to bring her down.

Thankfully, most of the commenters praised the girl and her talent and could see through the idiots who tried to denigrate her and what she did. Jealousy and fear are proving to be the real roots of racial stupidity.

Here is a link to the young lady’s video:


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