Which Continent or Country Has The Worst Racism?

If you get a chance and it is still there, please click on the video clip to the left regarding European racism and soccer. It is both fascinating and scary at the same time. It makes me wonder, which still has the furthest to go, our country or Europe. Judging by the clip and some of the blatant examples that are shown, it seems that no matter how bad things might be over here, they are much worse in Europe. One point that is made in the clip is that this may be due to the fact that Europe never had a Civil Rights Movement to force it to deal with such things. I have never been over there and it makes me wonder if I want to go. Though I also think we should not judge the behavior of the general population by the antics of rowdy, rabid sports fans. But then again, these people are part of the society.

Ironically, watching such a report makes me really appreciate the United States. Because even if we don’t have it completely right yet, we as a country, do try very hard to be better. Look at what happened with Don Imus. I’m not sure much would have happened in Europe if he had said what he did on the air there.


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