Interracial, Mixed, Bi-racial, Multiracial – What Is Proper?

I’ve noticed that different people, even within the Mixed community, have a hard time deciding what is the best way to refer to people who come from parents of different ethnicities. Some say Mixed. Some say bi-racial. Some say multiracial. Some say Interracial. Some like me, try very hard to stay away from any word that uses as its basis “race” since we do not like perpetuating the notion that we are different races instead of just different ethnic groups. So you will notice I tend to say Mixed or bi-ethnic most of the time. But I agree with those who say “bi” anything is also a misnomer since most all of us, including those who see themselves as one thing, are also mixed with other things in our past, even if not in our immediate parents. So folks from this school prefer multiracial or multi-ethnic. I guess that does make the most since, so now that I think about it I am going to switch to saying that instead of bi-ethnic.

All of this is a good problem. Because if we are even at the point of having to choose a name to describe this growing and glorious group, it means there are enough people out there to make it an issue. And generally speaking, I am for each person being able to decide on their own how they choose to label themselves or their family. I am not for anyone dictating what we say. But I do hope that people can in time drop the racial component since in the end, that is what separates us, this idea that there is something as rigid as race between us. What separates us is much more fluid and certainly less real than most imagine it to be. So call it what you will. And enjoy the fact that we have reached a point of having such a “problem” anyway.


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