Bi-Racial Miss USA

I almost forgot to comment on the fact that our new Miss USA, Rachel Smith, is Mixed, half black and half white. And what a beautiful example she is of what inter-ethnic relationships can produce. She is just another example of the onward march of this new generation of Americans who will pave the way for what we define as race in this country. How fitting that she takes on this role at the same time we have a Mixed ethnicity man running for President. Get ready people, times are changing whether the racists like it or not.

I also read where the controversy over what to label Ms. Smith began almost immediately. Apparently Jet Magazine, a staple in the black community, wrote an article on her days after her victory proudly proclaiming her to be the latest black woman to win the crown. Funny how quick they were to claim her. And I came across another blog where there was a spirited debate regarding whether she should be called black or not. Thankfully many of the responses made the point that she should be called what she is, Mixed or bi-racial, and more importantly, American. Because as her victory attests, and Obama’s ascendancy as well, being American is becoming more and more synonymous with being multi-ethnic. In time, that may well come to be the very definition of American. Wouldn’t that be great?


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