Asian-Americans The Most Common And Accepted Mix

While most of the time when speaking of inter-ethnic relationships and children people tend to think of the black and white combination, actually the group that is most likely to date and inter-marry outside their ethnic group is Asians and Asian-Americans. And overwhelmingly, when Asians get involved outside their community, it is with whites. And for whatever reason, it is also the mix that is likely to generate the least attention or disapproval.

From stories I have heard and read, Asian-Americans are actually intermarrying at an incredibly high rate. So much so that there is alarm for some in that community. More often than not this is an Asian woman marrying a white male. Rarely is that the other way around. Why this is, I am not sure, but maybe it has something to do with the stereotypes of the modest Asian woman. But that is speculation on my part. Ironically with blacks, it is the other way around, where it is the male who is more likely to be the one involved in an inter-ethnic relationship. Again, I am not sure why this is and can only guess that maybe it grows out of the man typically being the one to take the lead in pursuing relationships. And yet that theory does not explain why black women are not choosing, in similar numbers, to date outside their group when the opportunity presents itself. I suppose the answers to these questions are best left to social scientists.

But what mere observation attests to is that there seems to be some reason that Asian-Americans intermarry so frequently compared to other groups, and why such relationships, and the children who grow out of them, tend to cause so few ripples. Of course I am glad to see that this is the case. I only think about it because maybe there is some lesson or guidance there that could help build acceptance of the other inter-ethnic combinations as well. Something to think about.


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