Foreign Adoption

Many of you may have heard or read about Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s latest adoption addition to their family. I am a fan of Angelina’s and applaud her humanitarian efforts as I truly think she takes on the projects she does, as well as these adoptions, not for any publicity, but to truly make a difference in the world. But with that being said, I do wonder why she and Brad, who frankly I think is just along for the ride on her work here, do not seem to want to adopt any of the many minority children that are available and in need of good homes right here in America.

There has to be some reason.

Obviously any ideas I could suggest would be pure speculation and possibly unfair, so I will refrain from guessing. But it is certainly interesting to watch her fly halfway around the world to adopt a needy child, much like Madonna did, and like many other less well-known people do, and ignore the needy faces right across town, in their own backyard.

Again, I applaud anyone who adopts a kid, from anywhere. Because that is one less child without parents and a family. I just wish I knew why it was more interesting, more in vogue, especially for celebrities, to adopt a child overseas when the domestic child is still waiting.


2 thoughts on “Foreign Adoption

  1. Kedra says:

    Earnest – didn’t you know adopting foreign children is the new handbag for Hollyweird?Let’s call a spade a spade: Madonna and Angelina bought their children. Plain and simple. I wish we had it that easy.

  2. Earnest says:

    The interesting part will be when these kids are older and not so “cool” a thing. Will these celebs still put in the work. I do agree that clearly adopting these foreign kids has a lot to do with being “hip” or something. Otherwise why not adopt here.

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