It has been a busy week in the film business so I am just getting back to this today. I’ve had a number of thoughts during the week related to the basis of this ongoing blog. But one particular question sticks out. It is a question I would love to ask anyone who has an objection to mixed-ethnic dating or the children of such a relationship. That question is a simple one. It’s answer not so uncomplicated.

What are you afraid of?

Really that is it. The thing is I know everyone who reads this blog is most likely an open-minded person, if not someone who is already in a mixed relationship. So it is not likely I will get an answer in this forum. But to anyone who has the chance to ask it of someone who expresses a problem with people dating “outside their race” as most bigots like to call it, please ask that question for me. I don’t get the opportunity to meet people who openly express their ethnic biases. And of course that doesn’t mean I haven’t met bigots or that I don’t know any. I accept it is possible that some of the people I encounter harbor such issues but don’t feel they can express them in my presence. But I truly wish they would. At least then I could ask the question. And learn something.

See, my guess is that objections to inter-ethnic dating are based in fear. Fear for some that their ethnic group will be no more if too many of “their people” date outside their group. Fear for others is likely rooted in a fear that they, or their ethnic group, is unworthy and inadequate, since their own men or women are choosing someone from “the other group.” Maybe there is the fear in some simply that the other group is purposely trying to divide and conquer their people. I don’t really know.

What are you afraid of?

That is really the question that has to be asked. The answer may be a big factor in moving our society to a more accepting place.


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