Mixed Race People Better Looking?

I have actually heard people, of all ethnicities, refer to mixed children and people as being on average better looking than other people. Frankly I have seen gorgeous people of all ethnicities so I can’t really say if I think mixed people are better looking overall. But I do understand where the notion comes from and generally would agree that it does seem like more times than not mixed ethnicity people are quite attractive. But I don’t know if that can be proved. At least I didn’t think so.

But last year along came the book, “Breeding Between The Lines: Why Interracial People are Healthier and More Attractive.” The book was written by Alon Ziv, who by the way is not mixed. Mr. Ziv was a successful biology teacher at UCLA before becoming a travelling lecturer on issues relating to bi-ethnic people. His book, as the title would indicate, focuses on his research which he believes proves that “interracial” people are indeed better – stronger, fitter, healthier, and more attractive than people who are of one “race” or ethnicity. Here is an excerpt from an essay on his website (www.breedingbetweenthelines.com) in which he starts by referencing the recent ‘Survivor’ television show’s initial gimmick of separating the tribes by ethnicity:

“…By separating the races into different tribes, ‘Survivor’ is perpetuating an old myth: that one race is “the best.” This myth has been the source of everything from barroom arguments to full-scale genocides. But it overlooks a fundamental point: each race contains only part of our species’ genetic diversity. The real power of that diversity is unlocked by bringing it together, not by keeping it segregated.

Bringing that diversity together is something Americans are doing more and more. Interracial marriage was illegal in sixteen states until 1967 when the Supreme Court stepped in. Since then Americans have been marrying outside their race with increasing frequency. The current generation of Americans has more than twice as many interracial members as the previous one. But what tribe do they join?

‘Survivor’ seems to be stuck in the 19th Century view that there are four races and they never mix. Which is pretty silly. Especially since if I were trapped on a deserted island, I’d want some interracial people on my tribe. The increased genetic variation of mixed race individuals means on average they are stronger, healthier, and better-looking. Which means they are more likely to “survive.”

The always sensitive Rush Limbaugh predicts that the Asian-American tribe (or “brainiacs” as he refers to them) will “outsmart everyone.” Only time will tell if Rush is right, but the real question is could they outsmart my mixed-race tribe? In my new book, I describe a study on the genetics of intelligence in which the mixed-race group easily outscored both the white group and the Asian group.

And what about the physical challenges? Not every interracial person is a Derek Jeter or Hines Ward, but while researching my book I discovered significant evidence that mixed-race people are taller, stronger, and more athletic. Once again, my interracial tribe is looking pretty good.
Speaking of looking good, multiple studies have found that interracial people are more attractive. There is even some evidence that mixed-race men are more likely to satisfy women in bed…”

Interesting. I haven’t read the book yet, though I have seen the author being interviewed on several television news programs. I do intend to read what he has to say. The root of his theory is something called hybrid vigor. The point being that the closer genetically a person’s parents are the more likely to develop problems and conversely, by bringing together diverse genes, you are creating a better opportunity that the best genes of both sides will more likely come into play. You know what, that does make sense to me.

I am not sure it can indeed be proved that mixed people are better off, but it would be interesting if those of the “pure race” school had it completely wrong and that the opposite were actually true, that mixing of ethnicities was really the key to building a stronger genetic pool.


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